Build Yourself, Then Build an Empire

We are focused on helping others build an asset portfolio, because money comes and goes, but wealth grows.

Esprit de Corps is a property investing and trading company aiming to expand globally with joint venture partners. Helping people and companies grow their asset portfolios and earn better returns on their hard work is what we do.

We stand for:

  • Trust & integrity every step of the way
  • Open & honest communication throughout
  • Highest levels of performance
  • Respect for all partners & stakeholders

Whether you’re employed, unemployed, a business owner, investor or even plain broke, you’re in the right place.

From fixed rate returns to joint venture partners, we are open to a variety of methods to work together for mutual growth and benefit.

You can follow us, you can collaborate with us, you can learn with us, you can invest with us or do all four! It all depends on what is the most efficient strategy for you to grow your portfolio.

"We have worked with Esprit De Crops on multiple occassions and would not hesitate to recommend them over and over again. Both Abbas and Sara are extremely professional but friendly at the same tame. It's always a pleasure working with them."

- Mr S Hill, Corporate Accommodation